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With the very slow economic, social and structural emergence of our country, the vast majority of our youth has no prospects. Many neighborhoods, under tension, are totally forgotten and the kids are left to themselves with the risk of taking the paths of no return.
However, despite the misery and violence which got worse after the terrible earthquake of 2010, the creativity of the Haitian people remains standing! The Emmanuel Lesly Brézault Foundation, willing to support and coach the courage and strength of the youngsters, offers them three pillars of self-realization: sports, music and non-formal education. Emmanuel Lesly Brézault has always been passionate about these three domains and he believes in the people’s creative force! This atypical entrepreneur, who grew up in a modest neighborhood, is a model of economic and social success. He could have been content for himself and his family with the "extraordinary" ascent that he patiently built, but his vision of the country enriched by a knowledge of all circles of society, pushes him relentlessly to pursue a single and same goal: to strive for true sustainable development of Haiti!
After having founded the Lesly Center Group,  a socially responsible business, Mr Brézault wanted to move on to another stage by bringing the country’s positive forces together so that he could create and leave a legacy to the Haitian community.
The best option to achieve his dream was to set up a foundation.
The stakes are high: putting this youth, our future, in motion, not by imposing a solution from above on it, but by paying attention to its reality, its desires, from what is likely to bring it back to social cohesion and peace.
And there is urgency, caused by insecurity and extreme poverty destabilizing the country a little more each day!
"In Haiti, we go through life singing and dancing" as Lesly Brézault rightly says ... but we indulge in sports too, with energy from the youngest to the oldest  asking to express themselves, for the best!
Thus, the Emmanuel Lesly Brézault Foundation created in 2013 did not hesitate to focus on sports, music and non-formal education, these three activities that still make the eyes of our girls and boys sparkle, even those who feel locked in a stalemate, so they can find a way to possible dreams.

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