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Access to sports and music or the lack of space available in neighborhoods but also within State institutions (schools and universities, police headquarters, hospitals ...), in a country cruelly lacking infrastructures, are the first issues to which the FELB has brought strong answers:
Multiple equipped sports or games areas were opened throughout the territory, in neighborhoods and different institutions, bringing residents of various sectors of society to rub shoulders, around a shared interest.
A number of schools have received scholarships, equipment, support for training in the field of music. More than a concept, "art therapy" positively influences education. It has indeed been scientifically proven that music, beyond its aesthetic or creative dimension, develops intellectual and mathematical reasoning, leading directly to better academic results.
But the Emmanuel Lesly Brézault Foundation will not be able to solve all the problems alone: ​​the associative or private sectors, the State and its various public services, NGOs and other national or international organizations, must act in concert with the FELB, to engage on the path of sustainable development, by seriously articulating the economic, social and environmental fields.
"Let's be realistic, let’s demand the impossible" ... that's not utopian, it's at hand, by uniting our strengths, all together!

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