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Art and sport are at the heart of the social bond in Haiti. Most citizens indulge in sports, but the majority does not have access to physical activities under good conditions, due to lack of "means" and adapted offers available. However, in a society prone to social crisis, with a chronic problem of access to education, sport and music can encourage young people to move forward! And each person who enters this virtuous circle of regular practice has a good chance to see his/her life and that of those around her/him, forever transformed! First, the attractiveness of these two activities based on playfulness, therefore non-binding, can easily seduce. These disciplines initially restore self-confidence and provoke a sense of well-being. Then, in the medium term, through the will to "excel" and rigor induced, sustained by learning methods, rules to follow and objectives to achieve, they provide a concrete structuring framework for those who had lost all benchmarks or meaning to their existences. Then in the longer term, more than giving hope or personal fulfillment, sports and music will recreate citizenship through the dynamics of "linking" and the formal framework they generate, essential to revive the country : the relationship between individuals but also with the Nation-State, thanks to music and sport, are then placed back at the heart of the development process.
The Emmanuel Lesly Brézault Foundation, in addition to sports structures or support for the teaching of music in schools, offers daily supervision in the neighborhoods and institutions where it operates. This action reinforces the values ​​of respect for authority and of others, of sharing, of preserving one's natural environment and neighborhood, reinforcing the feeling of citizenship, and what it implies in terms of duties and rights. The Emmanuel Lesly Brézault Foundation has perfectly understood the obligation to invent something new, to innovate; complementing the work of other national or international organizations, already active in areas such as the fight against violence, illiteracy or school drop-out, discrimination, or acting in defense of the environment, social development and economic ...

by proposing a model of intervention starting from the centers of interest of our youth, of what can still make them dream, like sports and music!

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